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Beth has been such a blessing as the teacher of our son Shaw. We are thankful for her patient and thoughtful way, continually encouraging and supporting Shaw. I would highly recommend Beth and Monmouth County Music Lessons.

Location: Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck, NJ


Beth is an exceptional teacher. She started working with my son when we moved to NJ. She spends time working on the fundamentals. She is able to balance structure, discipline and enthusiasm. It has been a great experience.

Neptune, NJ


Alex has been taking acoustic guitar lessons with Dan for a little over a year now. He began with nearly no knowledge of how to play. He now picks up the guitar on his own and plays beautifully. He looks forward to his weekly lesson and I appreciate the convenience of in-home lessons. Dan has been flexible when needed and very accommodating. We're truly impressed with Dan’s expertise in music.

Lincroft, NJ


In the short time Conner has been working with Dan he has learned a of chords and scales. He is very comfortable with Dan and his lessons make Conner want to practice and get better. Dan is very flexible with our schedule which is very much appreciated!

Morganville, NJ


Beth has been giving my daughter piano lessons for about 6 months now and she has been wonderful. My daughter is a perfectionist and can get frustrated at times and Beth is always very patient. She always tries to make the lesson fun. In addition, we love the convenience of Beth coming to our own home. It helps make my daughter feel comfortable and allows me to listen to her progress.

Wall, NJ


My daughter started to train with Dan when she was 2.5 years old. Dan built a strong rapport with her and not only introduced her to the world of music but helped her ability to focus. It’s been a year thus far and she can sit through class and looks forward to it. Dan is an excellent teacher. He is patient and brings energy and creativity to each session. Every session is unique – he will introduce her to a new instrument sound, a new song or a technique to start to learn notes on the keyboard. I highly recommend Dan!

Freehold, NJ


Dan is a great teacher who motivates my daughter to keep learning. He has catered the lessons to the style she was most interested in learning and still teaches technique and reading while keeping her engaged. Dan is very patient, funny and makes the lessons fun! By allowing our daughter to pick songs that she wants to learn, her keeps her engaged and still accomplishes what we, as parents, want from the lessons. He is always positive and full of energy. He’s a rock star!

Port Monmouth, NJ

Lisa H.

After a year working together it’s apparent Dan is a highly qualified musician but you can see that immediately. Being a teacher myself I admire Dan’s innate ability to reach his students. On top of that he is unflappable and determined to help our son understand music on a fundamental level. Even when the kid is having a tough day, Dan is able to get through and help him turn things around.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ


My daughter has been a student of Dan’s for a few months and I could see an improvement in her understanding of music concepts. His teaching methodology is very effective and helps her to expand her understanding of musical concepts. In-home training helps us as parents to be involved and enjoy the progress being made and Dan is always punctual. I will recommend Dan to those who have an interest in music and are looking to expand their skill level.

Howell, NJ


Both my sons have greatly benefited from Dan’s lessons over the past year. My younger son has had various other teachers but has never shown as much interest in learning piano than under Dan. My older son has improved his technique greatly and has learned a lot of music theory which is not taught by a lot of other teachers. Overall, my kids have had a very positive experience with Dan and continue to grow as musicians. Dan has a unique way of connecting with his students which develops their talents.

Holmdel, NJ


My son has learned and been inspired from Dan’s guitar lessons for 20 months now. He is very enthusiastic and patient and its great that he comes to the home.

Location: Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck, NJ

NEW! Live ONLINE Personal Music Lessons at REDUCED PRICES

Online or In-Person? To help mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19, we are offering personal two-way online, video classes at reduced prices from our in-person meetings. We are again offering in-person lessons, but as your safety is paramount, we have instituted new social distancing protocols.