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We Bring the Music to YOU!

Our Teachers

At Monmouth County Music Lessons, our highly qualified teachers are hand-picked, based on their professional and educational experiences as well as a shared philosophy on music instruction.

All of our music teachers...

Are excited for the opportunity to bring the joy of music appreciation to students in their home environment, where they are often most comfortable to learn and are in the same environment where they can practice what they've learned!

Meet our Teachers

Dan Lotito

Musician, Music Instructor, Owner

Our in-home, private music lessons venture was established in 2015 and spearheaded by Daniel Lotito, a professional musician and teacher.

Dan earned his Master's Degree in Music Education from Monmouth University. He is a certified and licensed music teacher for grades k-12. Daniel has taught music in both public and private schools as well offered private instruction for most all instruments. He has been the conductor for a 60 piece band, as well as performed both locally and abroad. 

Dan states; It gives me great satisfaction to guide students through music for the first time. Additionally, I'm privileged to witness the personal growth that music can offer as a result of my lessons.

Roux Bedrosian - vocal/piano

images/staff/Roux-Bedrosian vocals/piano instructor

Roux was already singing before she learned to talk in complete sentences. Brought up in a tremendously musical family, she was enamored with the craft by the tender age of four. By age ten, she added piano to her roster. By thirteen, she entered the field of music as a professional vocalist and has yet to look back. With over a decade’s worth of formal training and real-world experience under her belt, Roux is a working and passionate singer who is deeply immersed in the business of live performance. More, she works hard to foster a love of music and performing in others, no matter their age or experience level.

As a musician and vocalist, Roux has long been involved in a variety of creative projects throughout the tri-state area, ranging from cover bands and wedding orchestras to original bands and commercial organizations. She’s also gained extensive studio and recording experience over the last ten years, and has taught both beginner and intermediate piano and voice lessons as a School of Rock instructor – including students with special needs.

Outside of music, Roux is an avid writer, reader, and pop-culture enthusiast. She aims to connect creativity and music with every other aspect of her life, viewing it as a unique and universal language.

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Nicholas Filomeno - piano

Nicholas Filomeno.jpg

Located in Central New Jersey, Nicholas began violin and piano lessons at the age of 5. Originally studying violin, Nicholas studied under Irina Kovalsky until age 10. That's when he decided that piano was his true passion. He studied Classical Piano under Vladislav Kovalsky and Felix Molzer. At age 11, he began studying Piano under Dusty Micale of Music University, who introduced him to jazz.

Nicholas went on to attend Rutgers Jazz Program at Mason Gross School of the Arts, where he earned his Bachelor's in Jazz Performance. At Mason Gross, he studied personally with Jazz Legends; including Stanley Cowell, Eddie Parlmieri, Bill O'Connell, and Fred Hersch. Nicholas has also received 2 Golden Key Festival Awards for 2nd and 3rd place in classical piano.

Nicholas now performs locally and teaches private beginner to advanced piano lessons at Victory Music School in Staten Island, NY. Nicholas also teaches at Rock'n Music Academy in Red Bank, NJ, where he teaches beginner to advanced level keyboard and also instructs the Jazz portion of their Jazz & Blues master class.

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Kat DaVille

Kat DaVille

Kat DaVille has been educating children and adults in music and music theory as well as performance coaching along the Jersey Shore for 20 years.

An alumnus of the Drummer’s Collective school in NYC, she has performed with noteworthy groups across all genres such as Misfits drummer, Dr. Chud, and legendary Brooklyn NY rockabilly outfit, the Screamin’ Rebel Angels.  

Her private education with exemplary music instructors helps mold her into the experienced instructor she is today.  Her mentor, Ron Thaler (Alicia Keys), instilled a strict philosophy of practicing self-actualization, self-awareness, and self-acceptance of one’s knowledge, skills, and assets through studying music.  Under Mr. Thaler’s tutelage, Kat recognized the importance of establishing a sincere connection to the instrument in order to authentically engage the audience during a performance.  

Through practice and deep research, she recognizes why this philosophy sets musicians apart from other artists.  Kat believes that if a student of music immerses themselves in their instrument and welcomes varying musical challenges (i.e., live performances, difficult musical pieces, etc.), not only will the student improve as a musician, but they will also grow as a confident, disciplined and humble individual.  She sincerely believes that music provides healthy outlets for individuals experiencing difficult situations or people simply looking for another form of artistic expression.  She loves teaching children and adults who love different genres and enjoys the uniqueness of every student’s abilities. 

Although drums and percussion is her primary instrument, Kat also teaches guitar, bass, piano, and vocals.  

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