Learn Guitar at Home

Monmouth County Music Lessons (MCML) offers in-home lessons to guitar learners of all skill levels.

We provide high-quality instruction in a variety of musical styles, from classical to contemporary and beyond.

MCML students are paired with music professionals who best fit their needs, and who will develop specially tailored lessons for their learners’ unique interests and goals. We offer online guitar lessons to students ages seven and up.

If you are a parent of a young learner, please connect with us first to discuss the different types of guitars available for children since little hands often require special instruments.

Why Take Guitar Lessons with Monmouth County Music Lessons?

  In-home guitar lessons tailored to your busy schedule

Music lessons with MCML are offered at your convenience. Create a schedule that works for you. Enjoy the process of learning in the comfort of your home. Your MCML music teacher will determine your needs in the lesson and provide you with resources and materials to practice throughout the week.  We drive directly to you, saving you time.

  Guitar Lessons in the comfort of your home

Most music studios have cramped, noisy spaces for lessons. Guitar students can enjoy the comfort of learning guitar in their homes. Parents of our younger learners are always welcome to sit in on lessons and ask questions too!

  Guitar Lessons designed for you!

Become the musician you’ve always wanted to be. MCML music instructors take time to get to know their learners and discover their musical interests and goals. Our teachers work hard to create safe, comfortable, and engaging online spaces to keep learners interested and motivated.

  Professional and Passionate Guitar Instructors

MCML teachers are some of the finest music professionals in music education. Many of our teachers are also working musicians who practice and perform regularly. Their passion and love of music will inspire you!

  Our Fees for Guitar Instruction are Comparable to in-store lessons yet brought to your home.

Still Have Questions?